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Urban LoftsOrange County is turning into a metropolis as land prices are stabilizing and rising in most areas. To cope with the housing demand, Orange County has been looking into high occupancy / urban solutions, and this includes lofts and mixed-use homes. This is truly a one of a kind place where you are surrounded by beach on one side and mountains on another, while bordering Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

Growing up in Orange County all our lives, this place is a true inspiration. Not only do we have the love for the outdoors, but also the city life along with the hope of becoming the next movie star, artist, or entrepreneur.

When most people think of lofts, they think of an abandoned industrial building turned residential in a shady neighborhood. However, that is not the case today. Lofts provide a unique solution to multiple constraints bought on by traditional housing.

Most Orange County lofts are uniquely zoned for both residential and some form of commercial. Allowing aspiring entrepreneurs or artists to live/work/play in one convenient location. In addition, most lofts are build where it leaves you room to customize your space instead of having the traditional constrains of pre-defined rooms in a house, condo, or apartment home. Lastly, many Orange County lofts are built with the environment in mind, either employing GREEN/LEED Certified building methods or being located where major transit stations or shopping centers are within walking distance, eliminating the need of using a car and reducing our carbon footprint.

Whether you’re looking for a loft or looking to sell a loft, give us a call at 866-923-2568 or use the form on the right. Let us help you find a loft that fit your need and lifestyle. 

Lofts in Orange County:

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